Jumiapay is an online platform with different functionalities. JumiaPay mobile app’s only function is not just to get loans.  The app can make payment of bills such Electricity and internet bills. It allows the purchase of airtime and it also allows transaction of funds to any bank of one’s choice.  Jumia is the brand owner of jumia pay which was formerly Jumia one. Jumia is a popular online market in Nigeria that sells goods and services. One of the advantages of the JumiaPay app is the reward for referral. This means when a user refers people to use the app, the user gets a reward for it. Also, after making some transactions on the app, the app credits you with another form of reward. These rewards are usually in the form of money.

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JumiaPay has no web app, they operate on JumiaPay mobile app. To start the earning journey with Jumia app you have to;

  1. Download the mobile app from Google PlayStore and install it on your phone. The app can work on both Android and Iphones. After installation, you can now proceed to the second step.
  2. Sign up on jumiapay. After launching the app on your phone, you will receive directions on how to sign-up. Then, you proceed with the sign up processes which will not take your time. This signing up would request for some information from you.
  3. The next step is the verification of the phone number that was used to register. JumiaPay will verify your phone number to confirm that you are the actual owner of the phone number. You would be asked for your phone number on the app for verification. In a short while, a verification code would be sent to the number for you to input where requested. When you have done this, you have completed your verification process.    



There are different ways to earn money on JumiaPay without stress. The two major ways are;


When you invite your friends to download the JumiaPay app and register, jumiaPay pays you for it. You get the sum of #1000 naira on everyone that you refer, register and use the app to make any form transaction. To make a referral invitation is very  simple, you will see the button at the bottom of the screen. You can click this button and invite your friends. 


You can buy data, pay for subscriptions, order for different products available. The act of purchase on the app gives you returns on what you buy. The app is majorly for transactions, in the absence of none you can be flagged for spamming. 

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Another awesome benefit from JumiaPay is the ability to request for a loan and get it without stress. 

Download JumiaPay app 

The process of registration for making other transactions is the same as obtaining a loan from the JumiaPay app. Those who are yet to download the app on their phone won’t be able to get a loan from the JumiaPay app. The first step to follow is to download the app on your phone. You can get the app on Google play store. Scroll down to loans

After registration which will entail you to give some necessary information like your full name, your work details and some other information, you will be given some loan options that suit your work details and other information you have given. After this, some other information might be needed from you. Therefore, you will need to give accurate information. After this, submit your loan request and await approval. 

The above listed functions are not only the options you can enjoy. You can also make investments on the JumiaPay app.  To make investments, 

  1. Sign in to the app

Sign into the app. If you do not have it, you can always download and install it at any time. if you already have and have downloaded it, find and navigate to AXA money fund on the app, click this button. After clicking the AXA money fund, follow instructions and invest.

How to buy airtime or data on JumiaPay

When you get airtime on Jumiapay, you get up to 4% instant bonus as reward on all your Airtime and Mobile Data recharges purchased on Jumiapay. 

These are the steps to follow in order to make airtime or data purchase.

  • If you don’t have the app downloaded yet, you’ll have to download it and register on the app.
  • On the app, locate the airtime purchase option and click it 
  •  To locate the airtime button isn’t difficult. The button is among the first items you see when you launch the app. 
  • There are many other services you can enjoy on the Jumiapay app. 

Here is the list of the things you can do on the Jumia Pay app.

    Thing you can do with JumiaPay app

Below are other things you can do with the app

Airtime recharge, data subscriptions, obtaining loans, making Investments, Television subscriptions like DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES etc, International card top up, electricity bill payment, placing of bets, payment if event tickets, toll gate fee payment, purchase of food, getting cheap flights,  getting groceries, you can pay for bus, you can use it to order for Uber taxi, you access movies, access to MTN music, games, vouchers, shopping and more. 

JumiaPay interest rate

When you obtain a loan from Jumiapay, the usual and exact interest rates that are applied  on the loan are often 3% and above.

For easy operation for customers, the Jumiapay app, unlike other loan apps, has a customer care line that customers who want to make enquiry or lodge one complaint or the other can call. This line is      +23412772366

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