How to get loan from Carbon (Pay later)

How to get loan from Carbon (Pay later)

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Carbon is a trusted and legalized financial platform in Nigeria. Carbon as one of the leading digital financial platforms in the country provides loans to its beneficiaries which ranges from individuals to companies, among others. Carbon was formerly recognized as Paylater and its process of giving loans is quick and easy. The brand has over forty employees and they all are diligent in building the integrity of the brand across Nigeria, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ghana, and Portugal respectively.

Obtaining a loan from Carbon does not necessarily require collateral or guarantors. A client is not accessible to a large sum of money at the initial attempt but due diligence in paying a small amount of loan borrowed would earn such a person access to large funds. Getting a huge sum of money from Carbon depends largely on the client’s faithfulness to the repayment plan for the small loan offered at the first attempt.

Carbon is a platform that offers a 24-hour service to its clients, and this spans through each day of the week. Application for loan from Carbon does not only take place during the week, but also the weekend as well as during public holidays as there are enough diligent employees to attend to clients. Downloading the application could be done on Google play store.

How to get loan from Carbon (Pay later)

Carbon loan requirement

The following are the requirements that a client needs to satisfy to obtain loans from the Carbon Loan platform:

  • There’s a need for the client to first download the Carbon application on Google play store and get familiarized with the app.
  • The client is expected to duly provide his/her basic details as may be asked on the brand app. Such information could include the client’s name, phone number, address, among many others.
  • A recent passport photograph of the client is required and this might be supplied using either a phone camera or any other available convenient means.
  • A valid Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • The client’s bank account details
  • The client will be asked to present the current ATM card, giving details like the card number, CVV, and the likes in order to ease the repayment process of the loan obtained. There’s an initial charge of N50 or N100 to authenticate the card.
  • This might not be mandatory but a client may be asked to present a valid means of identification (government-issued ID) such as a voters card, International passport, driver’s license e.t.c..

Procedures to getting a loan from Carbon

Below are the steps involved in obtaining a loan from Carbon:

1. Download the application

The first step in getting a loan from Carbon is to download the application from either Google play store or Apple App store, depending on the one within the reach of the client. The app could be for both android devices and iOS respectively.

2. Register using the downloaded app

The next step is for the client to register on the downloaded app by supplying all details required which ranges from his/her name to phone number, email address, personal account details, among many  others.

3. Uploading a recent passport photograph

The client will be required to upload a recent passport photograph for easy identification before such a one can access loans. This passport photograph is taken right through the app with the aid of the client’s phone camera in order to avoid impersonation.

4. Applying for the loan

Once the above conditions have been satisfied, the client will see a button to request for a loan. Kindly adhere to the displayed instructions and provide all details. Afterward, submit the application.

5. Waiting for the loan offer

After the client is done with the application process, there’s a need to wait for the employees perusal of the application for a few minutes, after which the offer will be displayed.

6. Loan acceptance and repayment details

Once the loan has been offered to the client, he/she is expected to click on the acceptance option and provide the details of the current ATM card attached to the personal bank account of the client with which the repayment plan will be secured.

7. Getting the requested loan

As soon as the client completes the last step, the requested loan will be deposited into his/her wallet within a few minutes. This doesn’t waste time as the process is very fast and from that wallet on the app, the client can then transfer the money to his/her bank account instantly, and disburse it afterward as appropriately planned.

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Accessible loan limit

A client can get access to ₦1 million loan but this might not be possible at the first attempt. As mentioned earlier, the first loan offer is usually very low, and this is done in order to measure the repayment capacity of the client, and when this has been secured, the client gets access to huge amounts of loan.

Carbon interest rate

Carbon interest rate ranges from 5% to 15% depending on the amount of money offered as loan to the client and repayment period schedule adopted by the client, either 3 months, 6 months, or even a year.

Loan duration

The carbon loan duration ranges from 30 days (1 month) to 12 months (a year)..

Loan Repayment

Repayment of loan obtained from Carbon comes with an easy process. The client is expected to just login to the app and from there click the repayment option displayed, and this is done immediately. Recall that during the loan acceptance, the client has presented the details of the ATM card attached to the personal bank account of the client, once it’s repayment period, the client is expected to fund that account and the money is automatically deducted from the account.

The Carbon app

As mentioned above, getting a loan requires the client to download Carbon application which is available to android and iOS devices respectively.

Carbon Further details

Head Office Address: Plot 1224, Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Carbon customer care phone number: 01-460 9945 or 01-631 1215.

Customer care email:



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