Complete Guide On Applying for Loans On MIGO

Complete Guide On Applying for Loans On MIGO


MIgo Loans
Complete Guide On Applying for Loans On MIGO

Migo earlier bears the name Kwikmoney or Kwikcash.To make Nigerians have the opportunity to finance and personal banking, Migo was established through the association that existed among banks, mobile networks, and telecommunications companies. It renders loan services that are free of collateral or guarantors through the use of machines.

Migo has a quick and perfect way of giving out loans. All you need to do is to send a code on your phone as you do for your airtime balance and within one minute or more, your loan is ready. HOW TO GET A LOAN FROM PALM CREDIT

How to Apply for Migo Loan (Kwikmoney)

Migo loans Requirements.

The necessary things are as follows:

  1. Bank account
  2. Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  3. A functioning phone number
  4. The age range of 18 years and above
  5. Usage of your contact number must be at least 3 months.
  6. Usage of your account number must be at least 3 months.
  7. You must bank with any of these Banks:Guaranty Trust Bank(GTB), United Bank For Africa (UBA), First Bank, Zenith Bank, First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Heritage Bank, Stanbic Bank, Union Bank, Wema Bank, Unity Bank, Polaris Bank, Fidelity Bank, Diamond Bank, Access Bank.

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Terms of Service for Migo

The following are the terms of service you must know before you apply for loans. These terms of service are:

  • Ability to pay the loan before the deadline of payment. And peradventure you do not meet up with the date, notify them.
  • Late payment will attract fines.
  • They have every right to text everyone on your contact list if you fail to pay.
  • Your details like your bank, phone, etc. are determinants of the amount of loan you will get.-

Steps in applying for a Migo loans(Kwikmoney)

These are the orders to follow:

Dial *561#

With your phone, dial *561# like you do for your credit balance.

Select loans

There are several lists there.

Click on  request loan

Check the next screen and you will see request loan from the lists.

Await a loan offer

When you see a loan offer, click on accept and then, provide all the necessary information needed for you to get your loan.

Whether you use the mobile code or the website, you will get your loan but you can’t use the two at the same time.

Go to loan portal on Migo website

Website is for those who are not using the mobile code who

Type in your contact number

To proceed, type in your contact number. To be sure that you are human, you may be asked to complete a captcha.

Completion of verification

You will receive a code on your phone. All you need to do is to type the code that was sent to the Migo website.

Click on check loan offer

Click on check loan offer and see the available options.

Type in your account details

Select proceed and type in your account details and all I important information.

Get your loan!

You will be given your loan, within a short period.


What amount period?

The loan ranges from ₦500 to ₦500, 000. You should know that you will be given a small offer for your first request and your credit score calculation will be a determinant. You can then have access to bigger offers after the first payment.

Rate of interest for Migo

The amount of money you want to get will determine the interest rate which usually ranges from 10% to  25% of your money. Your personal information is also a determinant of your interest rate.

Terms of Loans

The terms of loans for Migo have a range of two weeks to one month.

Repayment of loans

The directives being used by Kwik Money is that there should be repayment of loans after two weeks or a month.

  • There are several simple ways of repaying loans. You can dial *561# and act by all the instrbyake use of ATM card or pay cash into any recognized bank, you can also go to the Kwik Money repayment portal.
  • Have this in mind, there’s a provision for a standby extension known as Rollover which increases your interest with a late fee of 5%.
  • Peradventure you could not repay your loan due to financial constraints, dial *561# to move to ”Extend Loan.

Head Office of Migo

The location of Migo head office is head office Migo is at 3B Adekunle Lawal, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Email and Customer Service Contact of Migo

The customer service phone number is +23417002274

Migo customer support email is

9mobile users alone can send HELP as a message to 561.

Migo USSD code

The code for Migo is *561#. Different transactions such as loan requests, loan repayment, etc.


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